Saturday, 8 January 2011

Mobile Phone Recycling - What, Why, How And Where?

It has become increasingly common to replace mobile phones regularly. But what happens to the recently replaced phone? Is it to participate in the same range of phones discarded in a drawer? Just thrown in the trash? Too often, this is exactly what happens with old mobile phones. Additional information is needed in Britain about recycling phones and education with regard to exactly how easy it is to recycle these devices. In doing so, contributes to the consumer environment, and may even help their compatriots.

Why is it important to recycle mobile phones? Unfortunately, mobile phones contain a number of materials that require massive amounts of energy for harvesting, processing, and manufacturing. By simply getting rid of a used phone all the energy that went into the making of this unit is lost. By recycling or re-purposing your mobile phone, it lives on and the energy created by the production of the device remains intact. There are also parts of the mobile phone such as the battery, which can be harmful to the environment if not disposed of properly. This is a double whammy on the environment because it is not only a waste of resources, but also a direct threat to the ecosystem.
Even at the end a few years ago, might of environmentally conscious consumers are having trouble finding a place to accept a phone for recycling. This frustrating experience soured many of these well-meaning consumers on the process of recycling mobile phones. Today, things are radically different. The recycling of mobile phones has been in the thing to do and there are now many phone recycling companies and such Envirofone, Mazuma Mobile, which will give you cash for your old phone, although it is no longer fully functional.
What happens to a mobile phone recycling? Many mobile phone recyclers are charitable organizations that renew and distribute mobile phones to people in need. Charity for women and children, low-income families who can not afford mobile phones, for communication agencies and volunteers. This allows the mobile phone to discover new life and for a good cause. Other mobile phone recyclers break broken or defective mobile phones for reusable materials that require fewer raw materials, are collected and processed.
Taking just a little long side of the mobile device is recycled properly, you can help yourself to earn money and help prevent environmental damage. If you think about the bigger picture, the old phone could also be an important communication to a needy person or family, and reduce the need for limited harvesting of raw materials for manufacturing the device. All simple, taking small steps like this can help reduce pressures on global resources and requires almost no effort from the consumer. In fact the consumer gets paid to do so.
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  1. Its very important to recycle mobile phones, when it comes to helping environment from dangerous elements.

  2. Recycling of mobile phones is crucial as it saves landfill and conserves valuable materials like copper, silver, and gold.